Saturday, 25 July 2015

Summer Accessories

I've been loving neutrals, nudes, golds and bronzes so far this summer.

After a pretty wet and grey summer season so far I've given up on waiting for the sun to emerge and instead I have discovered the best sunless tanner ever! Click here for how to get the most natural fake tan ever.

So despite the weather not cooperating I've been sporting a gorgeous golden glow and it's been the perfect opportunity to match up some summer time accessories.

The first summer addition that I have had glued to my arm since I got it is this Kurt Geiger Saffiano Summer Tote in Biege. It the perfect every day size, nice and roomy with lots of compartments but not so big I'm toting the kitchen sink around with me every where I go!

The Saffiano leather is beautiful and it's firm structure means even with only a few items in, this bag looks great.

The shoulder strap means you can go hands free, but my favourite way to wear it is in the crook of my arm to show it off to its full potential.

I wore it here with my New Look shorts which are so comfy by the way as well as looking smart, Caramel Swatch watch, Bouton Rose Gold Joie bracelet and Rose Gold Wishbone ring.

Another accessory I've been loving is this new Olivia Burton watch I got for my birthday, I've been wanting a watch with a leather strap for ages and the rose gold watch face gives it a lovely warm glow. There are so many options when it comes to Olivia Burton watches, I've got my eye on some of the other colours to add to my watch collection! I've paired it here with my Buckley London Elegance bangle, gorgeous rose gold with a hint of sparkle and definitely saves time on layering!

A more recent purchase was this Riviera bracelet from Bouton, (again! I just love their items!), with rose gold and simulated diamonds. I love the wraparound quality to this and how unique looking it is. I got it in the Bouton summer sale which is on now with 50% off all their lines. There are some really beautiful pieces, and I've got a list a mile long of things I love!


Monday, 13 July 2015

Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Self Tan Mousse Medium

I don't think you're ready for a tan this good. 

There are not enough positive adjectives in the English language to describe how good this tanner is. I kid ye not. 

I love being tanned, and I really hate self tanning. That is why after trying nearly every tanning brand you can think of I gave it all up and started using sunbeds.

 Worst decision of my life. 

Sun damage is real people! Luckily I stopped punishing my skin pretty quickly once I noticed the tell tale signs and since then I've been at a bit of a loss. I just really hate looking like I'm wearing fake tan, I hate the orangeness, the smell, the bits around heels and wrists where its really obvious that my skin tone has come straight out of a bottle. (I also hate applying it, never truly feeling dry, looking ridiculous whilst it dries, worrying about the results... the list goes on).

I have never, ever tried anything this good before. Vita Liberata has changed the game in the self tanning world. It does everything the other tanners claim to do but never deliver. 

Here's what they say :

For the longest lasting, super-fast drying natural tan result - perfect for normal, combination and oily skin types. 

•Lasts up to 4 times longer than regular self-tans 

•Incredibly easy to apply even for the novice tanner 
•Super-fast drying so you can redress immediately 
•Contains Odour Remove™ for zero smell 
•Certified organic botanicals and Moisture Lock system guarantee a perfect fade back to nothing .

Do not moisturise prior to tanning. Use a tanning mitt or latex gloves to protect palms of hands and apply to skin in sweeping movements. For extra-long lasting 2-3 week results shower between 3 and 24 hours after first application and reapply.

Ok so after I had a lovely long bath and exfoliating, I resisted the urge to dive straight into a tub of moisturiser like I normally do, I dried myself off and grabbed my bottle of Vita Liberata pHenomenal tan mousse and a mitt. It advises not to moisturise but I put a teensy bit of cream on my elbows, knees, feet and hands as these are the places I get very dry. 
I did one pump of of the mousse onto my mitt and started on my shin and calves and I couldn't believe how far one pump went. It showed up straight away as a beautiful bronze colour, not orange at all, and dried instantly. And I mean instantly! 

When I'd finished I popped my pyjamas on straight away, (as it was bedtime, I'm not a maniac!), and I had none of that greasy, clammy feeling I usually get with other tanners. It was instantly dry and totally even. There really is no smell either. Only if you put your nose directly on your arm or something and then it is only the faintest scent. 
I just can't stress enough just how amazing this tanner is. I've literally told all of my friends about it, every time someone compliments my tan I am bursting to tell them about it. I feel like this is the tan I've been waiting for all these years, it takes all of the horrible parts of  self tanning away and leaves a natural golden tan behind! 

You can apply it up to 3 times leaving a 6 - 24 hour gap in between each application to develop the tan to its fullest colour and longest lasting wear. The tan looks as if its coming from within your skin, not sitting on top like others do. - Can you tell how much I love it?

Ok, there has to be a negative right? Well, you get what you pay for. The tan I use is the Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Self Tan Mousse in the shade Medium and for this baby it will set you back £37.50. However having said that the tan does last for 3 weeks so if your someone who usually reapplies weekly, or every few days then you definitely won't be using much product and a little goes a long way. Trust me. 

But the GREAT news is, thanks to Latest in Beauty if you use my link to purchase this holy grail tanner you can get the full size bottle for £30 instead of £37.50.. and you can get a FREE mitt! I've stocked up because you are not going to see this tanner at this price anywhere. If your thinking of trying, now is your chance! You will receive your bottle in a gorgeous box presented as above and sent straight to your door.  
(Just a note - I do not gain from purchases made from this link, I am not affiliated with the brand in any way, and I simply receive the best offers to share with you guys for being part of the Libbie Club.)


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Book Review - Mr Holmes

Mr Holmes is the newly titled 2005 book A Slight Trick of the Mind by and has recently popularised by the film released in cinemas last week.

As a true lover of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock collection I was practically giddy when I heard about this book, but apprehensive as the original stories are so precious to me. I got my copy as soon as I could as I wanted to make sure I had read it before seeing the film. I love Victorian crime novels, I love a mystery, I love a book that has the ability to make me forget what it was I was supposed to be doing and keep me turning those pages until the conclusion.

I would describe this book as a page turner.. but only because I was hurriedly turning pages trying to see when the storyline would kick in. 

The blurb on the back describes the tale as 

"It's 1947, and the long retired Sherlock Holmes lives in a remote Sussex farmhouse with his house keeper and her young son. He tends to his bees, writes in his journal and grapples with the diminishing powers of his mind.

But in the twilight of his life, as people continue to look to him for answers, Holmes revisits a case that may provide him with answers of his own to questions he didn't even know he was asking - about life, about love and about the limits of the mind's ability to know." 

When I read that, I was sold. It has all the makings of a great read but I'm just so disappointed. I really do not understand what the author was trying to achieve with this book. I don't know if I just didn't get it, but I felt like I was only reading the first few chapters of a book, nothing really seemed to happen and I was constantly wondering where it was going to go and it never went anywhere!

I think the idea of what happened next with Sherlock, is a great idea. The image of him on a remote farm, tending to bees is so starkly in contrast with the vibrant, dynamic, character from the original stories it is fascinating to me and I was just expecting so much more from this book. 

There is no mystery, no intrigue, no echoes of the past that seem genuine or interesting conclusions to some of the worlds most favourite characters. 

I feel that there was the potential to do so much more with this concept. It's a well written book, and the attempts at writing in the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle when showing flashbacks of an old case are believable and authentic. However, I feel that these flash backs are something that could be incorporated so much more to really give Sherlock fans something to enjoy.

To be brutal the book manages to be utterly boring and totally depressing at the same time. All the characters involved are lack lustre and from the aftermath of the atomic bomb in Japan to finding out what happened to Watson I'd rather not have known. 

This isn't a historical figure we are dealing with here, it's not an insight into the sad end of the days of a real person, there was free reign to make anything happen and tell any story at all and I feel a little let down that the legacy of Sherlock Holmes would be dealt with in this way. I think Sherlock's character is right, I like some of the things he says in the book and feel like this really is Sherlock, but I think the world in which he inhabits through the confines of the story are frustrating and left me feeling unsatisfied. 

The entire way through this book I was waiting for that moment, the bit where everything comes together and has a point. A nod to the Sherlock fans, a new revelation, a past case which suddenly now makes sense, or simply a visit to some well loved characters.. something!! 

I understand that this is about showing a different Sherlock, a Sherlock that can't use his amazing analytical skills of the past, one who doesn't hold the key to every mystery firmly in his mind, however there's something just not quite there in accomplishing it. 

I was really looking forward to the film, until I read the book and now I don't even think I'll bother going to see it, not even for the popcorn (and I love popcorn). 

Let me know if you've read it and what your thoughts are as I'd love to know if you found something in it that I didn't. You can comment below, tweet me at or find me on Instagram -

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer - Top Treatment!

A treatment that feels like a treatment!

I'm always looking a great hair treatment and always getting disappointed. I always opt for the cheap offers as I never know what I'm looking for and then I'm surprised when I see no difference in my hair whatsoever. 

 As a long haired, blonde highlight kinda girl I am constantly battling with dry, weak ends and love to use treatments but I find some leave my hair greasy and weighed down. I've been looking to invest in a really decent treatment for ages and been hesitant, so getting the chance to try this treatment out was fantastic, and I am honestly converted for life! 

Enter the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer.. Here's what they have to say about their product - 

Originally created for Audrey Hepburn, Philip Kingsley’s multi-award winning Elasticizer is an intensive, super conditioning, pre-shampoo treatment that delivers a rush of moisture to the hair’s cuticle; suppleness, elasticity and bounce appear instantly without weighing down or coating the hair. With an impressive celebrity following including Georgia-May Jagger, Cate Blanchett and Gwyneth Paltrow, Elasticizer is every beauty editor’s go-to treatment, for healthy, beautiful hair. Apply before shampooing. Dampen the hair and apply Elasticizer in sections to mid-lengths and ends, ensuring maximum coverage. Be generous with your application; use at least half of your sample tube. Cover with a shower cap or towel. Leave for a minimum of 20 minutes. Then wash hair as normal. Shampoo twice to ensure any residue is fully rinsed off. Hair will be left full of bounce and shine.

So bouncy, shiny hair right? Right! This treatment really does live up to its claims and I can completely tell the difference after I've used it. I can see why it is a celebrity favourite - those names don't lie!

The photo above is after using the elasticizer, can you see how smooth the ends are and how bouncy, and conditioned my hair looks?

Compare that to the shot below which is how my ends look normally when I don't use a treatment. See why I'm such a convert now?? 

I really liked that this was a "before shampoo" treatment as treatments I've tried in the past that have been 'super conditioning' and applied as the final step can really weigh my hair down. If I've put a treatment on my hair that works, I know it's going to go greasy again very quickly and for me it's just not worth the bother! I have very fine hair and products which don't wash out easily are a nightmare for me. 

Having this as a pre shampoo treatment means you can pop it on before you get in the shower. Perfect, no standing around wet in a towel for 20 minutes while you wait to rinse it off in between conditioning! Or you can light a candle, put it on, put your hair up and relax in the bath with a glass of wine for 20 minutes to have a real pampering treat. - I know which option I prefer!

I do love that it says you need to leave it on for a minimum of 20 minutes. I really hate it when a treatment says you can rinse it off in two minutes as for me the whole point of paying for a good hair product is that you need to give it time to work. Not only that but I want it to feel like a "treat" - ment. You know that in hair salons they would leave a  conditioning treatment on to really soak in and the results from this are as if you've just walked out of the door of the salon!

The Philip Kingsley Elasticiszer really does make your hair feel bouncy and, soft and conditioned. I'd love to see how much of an impact it makes when combined with the other products in the range.

If you feel like treating your hair I have an exclusive offer for you from the Libbie Club. 
For a 150ml tub of this beautiful stuff you can get 19% discount AND a FREE Maximiser treatment. How bloody good is that?? 

Click here for this exclusive offer, and for more offers on premium brands. 

(Please note - I am not affiliated with the brands in any way and do not benefit from any purchases made on the items listed. All opinions are my own and I will be upfront and honest about any product I receive to try)


Monday, 15 June 2015


- the UK's first multi brand, online nail polish rental service.

 I am useless with nail polish. I always want to try something new but then when it comes to it I buy exactly the same shade. You've heard of 50 Shades of Grey? Well that was actually a true story based on my nail varnish collection, no lie.

I want to be adventurous, I want to be experimental, but when it comes to my nail polish, I just don't seem to splurge in the same way I do on my make up and I fee like I'm missing out because of it!

When I go to do my nails I have half used bottles of dried up, thick horrible old nail polish and have an agonising half hour trying to get my nails to look half way decent.

Well if your like me there's some good news! Coloristiq have come up with a great way to help you try new shades, and always make sure you have the colour you need to match that perfect outfit without having to commit to a lot of different colours you may never wear again!

Here's how it works : You create an account with Coloristiq here. There's no This gives you access to over 170 salon quality polish's such as China Glaze, Essie, OPI, Morgan Taylor. You can choose any colour, any brand you like. You get three of these every single month, delivered to your door for 30 days.

The subscription cost is £14.49 per month, (less than the price of owning one bottle) and all postage and packaging is included in this. You can even get your first month free - hows about that then?!

Use the code - XYZ1 to try out this pretty cool service and I promise you won't be disappointed.

(For T&Cs  and FAQ's check out the Coloristiq website here)

I received a Coloristiq box to try so I was kindly gifted these three polishes but you get to choose whichever shades you like. You can create a wish list to keep track of all your favourite colours and even plan ahead if you know you have an event coming up that you need a particular shade for an outfit.

In my Coloristiq pack I received three colours, the first being a totally beautiful shade of nude pink, which is my fave. Perfect for a really classy, go with everything, always a good idea colour, its one I've had on none stop since I received it.

The second colour is this bright vibrant yellow. I'm really pleased with this as yellow is a massive trend this summer and if I don't feel brave enough to try wearing yellow then featuring the colour on my nails is a great way of incorporating the trend.I plan to try it out when I'm wearing white bringing in a pop of colour with my nails. I would never have bought this shade when browsing normally, but the best part of this rental service means you get to try new colours and if you like it you can always try it again in future!

The third item in the box is this gorgeous sparkley glitter polish. Again I've never ever tried a glitter polish before. I've always seen glitter on celebs nail trends and on my friends but never felt into it enough to commit to buying one. You can wear alone for some subtle sparkle, or as a top coat over your favourite polish!

The polishes arrive in a little box like the in photos below, in protective wrapping all in tip top condition as they are quality checked before you receive them. 

All you do in 30 days time is put them back in their little yellow wrappers, fold the box back in and send them to the address given. Then you'll receive your new three shades! It's a fantastic idea, so simple and it's so exciting thinking that you can change up your style every month! 

You can browse the full collection here -  There are so many to choose from if you're anything like me you'll have a wishlist a mile long in no time! I've got my shades pick out up to Christmas!

If you're thinking about trying it, don't waste a minute, you can try it out for absolutely free - thank me for hooking you up later ;)

Use my code - XYZ1 and you can try out the service and some fantastic polishes. There's no contract when you sign up, you're not locked into any period of time. You can try it for free and if you like it the subscription will simply roll on. I'm sure you'll love it, three premium polishes every month in every colour imaginable, what's not to love!


Sunday, 31 May 2015

TT Beauty Mask Review

Dim the lights, get your favourite scented candle on the go, nice cup of peppermint tea, (or if you're naughty like me a nice glass of prosecco!), it's time to relax and treat yourself and I'm going to show you how.

Now I love a mini home spa night, I love playing around with different treatments so when I got the opportunity to try Timeless Truth Beauty Masks I was very very excited!

Now when I'm wanting to chill out and relax with a little pamper sesh I don't like too much messing. I'm not a fan of having to smear something all over my face, wait for it to dry, try not to smile, sneeze or sing and crack it up and then try to get it all off. I'm supposed to be relaxing for pete's sake! So for a while now I have favoured a sheet mask. Sheet masks, if you don't know, are exactly as they sound a sheet which you put on your face as a mask. Usually soaked in a serum and when applied help boost hydration and help replenish moisture and oils to the skin. I also like them as they are the most hygienic way to treat your face as you don't have to smear anything on your skin with your fingers, just tap on and relax.

Good right?

Well TT Beauty Masks have just made everything a whole lot better!

Their innovative, patented system means that the mask is not just soaked in serum, the actual mask itself is made with dried powder already in the cloth. The powder combined with the serum makes for the first intensive masks of this kind.

I was sent the Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask which claims: to be a rich herbal infusion with Immortelle Extract to make skin feel nourished, hydrated, helping reduce fine lines, relieve dryness and blemishes. They say that the mask helps boost cellular activity and optimises hydration creating smoother finer looking skin.

Immortelle is a flower know for its anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, Imortelle's ability to stimulate the production of new skins cells makes it popular in facial care for mature skin.

You just open the pack, unfold the mask and peel off a plastic layer then place it on your face. It fit my face really well, just pat it on and let it do its thing! My favourite thing was that I could still sip my wine with it on without it cracking like other masks! Hehe! You leave the mask on for 15 - 20 minutes so you have time to moisturise your body, or do your nails, or just sit down and relax as its a very calming feeling having the mask on your face. When I took the mask off my skin was glowing and bright, but not greasy in anyway, it dried straight away and my skin was so soft to the touch.

I love it because I do spend a lot of time abroad and in the sun,  I'm a real sun junkie and my skin is starting to pay the price for that. This mask is like an intensive facial. I've paid in excess of £30 - £50 for a facial treatment before and I'm not kidding this would rival some of those. These aren't cheap masks, its £4.90 for one so you can tell the quality. I'm so glad I found this brand, I love nights in, having a long soak in the bath, ex foliating, doing my nails and popping on a face mask. But I feel a lot of the time the ones on the high street are kind of cheap and uneffective. This feels like you are paying for a real treatment, a real boost for your skin and there are so many to choose from!

Check the rest of the Fusion range here - there are absolutely loads of masks for every skin type and preference!

I'm also really excited to try out this amazing and totally chic travel pack I was sent. I'm planning on using it when I travel to America soon. My skin always gets really dehydrated on flights so I'm planning on using the three step system recommended for trips such as that.

I am genuinely so happy I have this ready for that trip as I can't wait to see the difference in my skin when I show it some love on long flights.

For more information on TT Beauty Masks check out their website here -

All products can be bought through the website and I really recommend you picking the perfect mask for you and having a home spa night!


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Summer Sandals

Let's all just take a moment and take in how truly gorgeous this shoes are.   

Genuine leather in tan, block heel bang on trend for this season, and they are SO comfy to wear.

Then let me tell you where I found these beauty's...

F&F by Tesco! 

Unbelievable! I've never bought clothes or shoes from Tesco before, I've never even looked but I was passing through and these grabbed my attention as they are just so darn stylish! But wait it gets better they were half price! £35 down to £17.50. It's definitely going to make me return to have a look through their collections again some time! 

This shape of these sandals make them the perfect shoe for summer. Easy to wear day to night and be dressed up with skirts and dresses, or, as I intend, you can pair them with shorts or white jeans for a laid back feel. 

I'm pretty pleased with my bargain pair so it's worth checking your local Tesco clothing section to see what other finds are in their Sale section. 

I'm pretty sure these are set to sell out so I've found you some high street alternatives as this is a trend that's going to be around all summer ..

Kurt Geiger £110

Office £65

Office £60

Aldo £60 

Topshop £55

If anyone else has any summer shoe suggestions or inspiration let me know! 


Sunday, 17 May 2015

Hotel Pisa - A great place to stay in Rome!

I recently visited Rome for the first time to do some sight seeing. I stayed for 4 nights and as this was just a quick getaway trip I really didn't want to pay a fortune for a hotel.
Anyone who has looked at hotels in the centre of Rome will understand that although there are plenty, they can really range in price and quality. So if anyone is on a budget but looking for some where for a really pleasant stay in the beautiful capital then I've found the place for you!

Hotel Pisa 

I found a great deal on for this place. It was £134 for two people for 4 nights with breakfast included. If you compare that with many centrally located hotels it really is a bargain and you don't have to compromise on quality for this either. It's worth comparing prices on different websites as some offer discounts and special offers so you might be able to shop around. Websites I would always check are - and of course its always worth contacting the hotel directly.

The staff were extremely friendly, their English was great and they couldn't be more pleasant no matter what time of day, (or night), it was.

My room was spacious, clean, with ample wardrobe and drawer space. There's air con, a great shower, and a lovely view of either the little winding street or the lovely garden area.

Breakfast consisted of a croissant, toast, biscuits and juice and a coffee or tea. This could be served in your room, (perfect for pecking at whilst getting ready to head out and see the sights), or in their beautiful little private garden to the back, complete with orange trees and a very Italian feel.

I loved the location of this hotel, the Colosseum and its surrounding areas are only a short walk away and there is a metro stop only 2 minutes down the road. Its also a 20 minute walk away from the Roma Termini station, (or 10 Euro in a taxi). The area is quiet, with local businesses and shops in the surrounding streets. A couple of great restaurants are a stones throw away with amazing waiters and a real authentic Italian experience. A brilliant base for all those who are looking to explore by day but want somewhere clean and pleasant to stay at night.

It's definitely a place I would recommend to anyone I know going to Rome and would love to return to stay if I'm ever in Rome again. Find out more at


Sebamed Skin Care Review

When I receive products to try out for the first time I don't like to read the blurb first, (apart from the instructions of course), I like to try it out and see what I have to say about it so I don't get influenced by the sales pitch. This is the case for Sebamed. I was kindly sent out their (Face and Body Wash - more information here) and I couldn't wait to jump in the shower and see what I found.

When reading afterwards what Sebamed have to say about themselves I was surprised that this is exactly how I felt! They described the idea behind their range as 'medicinal skincare' and I think this is spot on. Using this product feels like it has been prescribed for my skin by an dermatologist. I walked out of the shower feeling squeaky clean but without the drying effect of some shower creams, nor with any oily or moisturising residue. It felt like my skin should naturally feel and provided a perfect soft base to apply my body moisturiser.

Sebamed say : We often don’t realise that the skin is actually our largest organ and that to make it the best that it can be we need to choose the products we use on it wisely. By maintaining a PH level of 5.5 Sebamed stops harmful bacteria and fungi finding a home on the skin’s surface whilst stabilising the barrier function. This way no water can be lost from the skin (causing dehydration) and pollutants or irritants can’t get through.

I tried out the Face and Body Wash in the shower. It comes out as a green pearlescent liquid, thinner than a usual shower gel, or body wash. As it is 100% soap free, I was expecting that it wouldn't be as bubbley or lather up as well as other products, but this is not the case at all. I tried it on both a shower puff ball and a body brush and I hardly needed to reapply at all. It has a really clean smell that reminded me a little of aftersun and made me feel like my skin was being soothed.


It is a face and body wash and even though this did feel good on my face I wouldn't use it day and night as my regular face wash. Its something that if I was jumping in the shower and didn't bring my face wash in I would be happy using as I washing my body and that is really good to know. I definitely wouldn't feel like doing this with other products I use on my body but would confidently feel that my face was taken care of when using this wash. It feels like something you could take on holiday with you without having to take your face wash along and it would be great for your skin after time in the sun.

Sebamed decribes itself as 'science for skin care' and is really how it feels. Its nice to use something gentle that's not soap based, it feels like there is real science behind it, that skin care is something Sebamed really 'get' and that you are doing something good for your skin. I think there is a trend recently to go for very organic, or totally natural products, but these often leave me disappointed. Yes I don't want to be putting lots of chemicals on my skin but what I want is to know that that what I'm using is actually helping, protecting and cleaning my skin. Sebamed fits the bill perfectly, no harmful soaps or alkali just moisturising, cleansing skin care.

I am definitely guilty of buying, sometimes very expensive, body washes and body skin care just because of the packaging or because it feels like a 'treat' for the skin. Most of the time it's probably worse for you, there are all kinds of perfumes, and naughty extras that while make for a nice smell while you are in the bath or shower actually dry the skin out or worse leave residues that don't need to be there on your skin. I think being kind to your skin and helping keep it at the right PH balance and clean and fresh is so important and although I do like to keep a bottle of something pretty in my bathroom, I'd rather have skin that feels great and is being cared for properly than something that just looks flash.

I would definitely like to see what it would be like using Sebamed in the shower and finishing up with the moisturiser to keep skin perfectly balanced.  I received the 200ml Face and Body wash which you can pick up for £6.35 and looks set to last me a long time.I like the fact that you can get a 1 litre bottle with a pump, to leave in the bathroom which would be great for the whole family.

Sebamed have a whole range of products not just body washes; they have shampoos, conditioners, face care, body lotions, lip balms, even specific targeted care such as moisturisers for stretch marks and a whole baby collection.

Check out the full range at
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