Sunday, 5 April 2015

Hero Product - Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

The clue is in the title.. this mask is my hero. A super hydrating cream worth every penny of its £30 price tag.

Clinique describes this mask as:

'Deep moisture tonight for a dewy glow tomorrow. Protects skin from dehydration, plumping skin's ability to hold in soothing, nourishing moisture.'

When thinking about what I was going to say in this blog post before I read this product info, the words that kept coming up in my mind were glowy, plumping and dewy and that's exactly what they had to say about it too. Clinique have got this product spot on.

Both myself, a twenty something and my mother, in her early sixties LOVE this product. It is seriously one of those skin care items that you can rely on if you know you need to look good.

I wouldn't use this more than once a week and usually I don't even use it as much as that. Just every now and then as a pick me up for my skin. If I've been in the sun and my skins feeling dry it is literally like a hydration boost, or in the Winter months when skin can dry out easily. I also like to use this if I'm doing myself a little spa night treatment at home and I feel the next day if I've had a professional facial.

Ok, honestly - It is a thick cream, it is greasy and when you put it on, yes you do feel like you've smeared Vaseline all over your face but put it on before bed and don't worry about it! The next day it will all be worth it when you've got baby soft, glowing, plumped out skin. I feel like using this sporadically is the best approach because I think even though I'm not particularly prone to break outs if I used this more regularly it would be too much for my skin and it could end up too oily. A little goes a long way with this. I like to squeeze a small amount on to the back of my hand and then dot around my face before gently  rubbing into my skin.

I keep this in my bedside drawer and every now and then I'll pop it on before bed after washing my face and leaving my moisturiser off. My mum does the same. Funny thing is I'll never know when she's been using it but always without fail I'll comment on how nice her skin looks the next day! She say's it plumps fine lines out really well and the results are noticeable every time.

You get 100ml for £30 and if your like me this will last you FOREVER! It's going to be a permanent addition to my skin care collection and if you fancy trying it for yourself you can get hold of a tube here - Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

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  1. Loving the sound of this product - perfect for as you said when your skin needs hydrating but it sounds like it will work perfectly for around Summer time too!

    I'm a huge fan of Clinique and like you I am not prone to spots, however I find that when I use Clinique regularly it makes me break out, so if I was to purchase I would definitely follow in your steps with using it as little as once a week. Thanks for sharing - I'll have to consider this product!

    LL |


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