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Jessica Phenomen Oil Nail Review

Phenomen Oil Intensive Moisturiser

How effective is this cuticle oil? And does it do everything it claims?

I've been getting Jessica Geleration manicures for a while now. I'm terrible at painting my nails, I always smudge them or chip them as soon as I've done them and with Geleration I can enjoy two weeks, minimum, of chip resistant, hard, shiny polish on my nails. Much the same as Shellac, Geleration goes on like a nail varnish and then gets cured under a UV light. If you haven't heard of Jessica, theres loads of information on their website - along with videos and tips for the best nail care.

So, every time I've gone for my manicure this oil has been used on my cuticles and nails and finally I decided to buy some to use at home myself. It wasn't cheap £15.00 for just under 15ml, (14.8ml to be precise!), but there is a smaller size that you can purchase.

This is what the blurb on the back says -  'Rehydrate skin around nails, even elbows feet, knees - wherever dryness demands a refreshing drink of moisture. Formulated with healing jojoba, almond and rice oils to revitalize and maintain ideal moisture balance. Phenomenal.'

I bought this in October and its now April and although I don't use it every day you can see just how long it lasts! I'd be surprised if I finished this before the end of the year!

Since using it regularly I've noticed a real difference. The skin around my nails used to get sore and split before but that seriously doesn't happen any more if I use this regularly. You only need the tiniest drop and it goes so far. I've also noticed that my nails grow much quicker. They used to be really dry and break easily and I do notice a real difference if I use this consistently.

You can use this oil on any dry skin too, so elbows, knees, anywhere really, you can spot treat areas. It is also renowned for being excellent on stretch marks and scars. You only need the tiniest bit and the pipette dispenser makes it really easy to control. A little bottle with a lot of uses!

Key ingredients include Vitamin E, Jojoba, Sweet Almond Oil and Rice Oil and the smell is delicious, lovely and almondy, like a bakewell tart!
I've included it in my nightly routine now which makes it really easy to remember to keep up with. Before bed I drop a little on each nail, rub in well and then apply my hand cream, (my favourite is Garnier Intensive 7 Days Hand cream), over the top. Applying at night means that the oil can sink in without being washed or rubbed off throughout the day.

The only negative I would point out with this is that its pretty hard not to get oil everywhere, even replacing the lid is a challenge! Although that could just be me be useless!

Top tips

  • Apply at night for maximum effects
  • Rub into cuticles before pushing back when doing a home manicure
  • If you want to give your nails a real treat, take off your polish and soak nails in some warm water with a few drops of this in to really hydrate and replenish
  • If your a fake tan lover use this on your elbows and knees the day before tanning to ensure no dry patches

You can buy Jessica Phenomen Oil from Nail Salons who provide Jessica treatments or from these stockists :
John Lewis



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