Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sebamed Skin Care Review

When I receive products to try out for the first time I don't like to read the blurb first, (apart from the instructions of course), I like to try it out and see what I have to say about it so I don't get influenced by the sales pitch. This is the case for Sebamed. I was kindly sent out their (Face and Body Wash - more information here) and I couldn't wait to jump in the shower and see what I found.

When reading afterwards what Sebamed have to say about themselves I was surprised that this is exactly how I felt! They described the idea behind their range as 'medicinal skincare' and I think this is spot on. Using this product feels like it has been prescribed for my skin by an dermatologist. I walked out of the shower feeling squeaky clean but without the drying effect of some shower creams, nor with any oily or moisturising residue. It felt like my skin should naturally feel and provided a perfect soft base to apply my body moisturiser.

Sebamed say : We often don’t realise that the skin is actually our largest organ and that to make it the best that it can be we need to choose the products we use on it wisely. By maintaining a PH level of 5.5 Sebamed stops harmful bacteria and fungi finding a home on the skin’s surface whilst stabilising the barrier function. This way no water can be lost from the skin (causing dehydration) and pollutants or irritants can’t get through.

I tried out the Face and Body Wash in the shower. It comes out as a green pearlescent liquid, thinner than a usual shower gel, or body wash. As it is 100% soap free, I was expecting that it wouldn't be as bubbley or lather up as well as other products, but this is not the case at all. I tried it on both a shower puff ball and a body brush and I hardly needed to reapply at all. It has a really clean smell that reminded me a little of aftersun and made me feel like my skin was being soothed.


It is a face and body wash and even though this did feel good on my face I wouldn't use it day and night as my regular face wash. Its something that if I was jumping in the shower and didn't bring my face wash in I would be happy using as I washing my body and that is really good to know. I definitely wouldn't feel like doing this with other products I use on my body but would confidently feel that my face was taken care of when using this wash. It feels like something you could take on holiday with you without having to take your face wash along and it would be great for your skin after time in the sun.

Sebamed decribes itself as 'science for skin care' and is really how it feels. Its nice to use something gentle that's not soap based, it feels like there is real science behind it, that skin care is something Sebamed really 'get' and that you are doing something good for your skin. I think there is a trend recently to go for very organic, or totally natural products, but these often leave me disappointed. Yes I don't want to be putting lots of chemicals on my skin but what I want is to know that that what I'm using is actually helping, protecting and cleaning my skin. Sebamed fits the bill perfectly, no harmful soaps or alkali just moisturising, cleansing skin care.

I am definitely guilty of buying, sometimes very expensive, body washes and body skin care just because of the packaging or because it feels like a 'treat' for the skin. Most of the time it's probably worse for you, there are all kinds of perfumes, and naughty extras that while make for a nice smell while you are in the bath or shower actually dry the skin out or worse leave residues that don't need to be there on your skin. I think being kind to your skin and helping keep it at the right PH balance and clean and fresh is so important and although I do like to keep a bottle of something pretty in my bathroom, I'd rather have skin that feels great and is being cared for properly than something that just looks flash.

I would definitely like to see what it would be like using Sebamed in the shower and finishing up with the moisturiser to keep skin perfectly balanced.  I received the 200ml Face and Body wash which you can pick up for £6.35 and looks set to last me a long time.I like the fact that you can get a 1 litre bottle with a pump, to leave in the bathroom which would be great for the whole family.

Sebamed have a whole range of products not just body washes; they have shampoos, conditioners, face care, body lotions, lip balms, even specific targeted care such as moisturisers for stretch marks and a whole baby collection.

Check out the full range at


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