Sunday, 10 May 2015

What I Wore in Rome - Day Two

Thinking of heading to Rome? Don't know what to wear? Here's just a little outfit inspiration for you using items I've just bought from the high street! (Check out the post here)

I spent 4 nights in the beautiful captial of Rome recently. The weather at this time of year is always a worry as it can be so unpredictable even in warmer climes so I packed a little of everything and here is what I wore...

Day 2

Day two was a cooler day, a little overcast but still mild with breaks of sunshine. We were visiting the Vatican so we had to have our shoulders and knees covered and we had a lot of sightseeing left to do so I wanted to dress comfortable.

I wore my new River Island White Amelie Jeans, (which I didn't include in my haul as I bought them afterwards with this top on yet another River Island shopping trip splurge!), with a casual, (and a real bargain), grey basic tshirt from George at Asda £6. The Primark sandals got an outing again and my trusty city break bag my darling, (if rather grubby now) Longchamp LePliage Tote.

We went out for a delicious authentic Italian meal at night and as it was a little cooler I covered up a bit with a silky River Island blouse and my black coated H&M jeans. I wore these more dressy sandals from.. yes you've guessed it Primark.



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