Sunday, 7 February 2016

5 Essential Items of Clothing You Need For Your USA Road Trip

Ah clothes and travel my two favourite things!

Last year I embarked on a two month road trip of the USA, which was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. 30 plus states, starting in New York, heading to the West Coast and looping back round, through all kinds of terrain, cities, countryside - the works. As unbelievably fun as it was, packing was quite a task! Being ready with something for every occasion, but being careful not to take too much was a real challenge.

One thing became clear as the days went on, there were just some items I used over and over again and were my hero items for the trip. Here are my top 5...

1. Chuck Taylors 

What could be more American than the Converse classic? These babies go with everything, shorts, summer dresses, jeans, skirts and are perfect for jumping out of the car to go off exploring whatever you've come across!

2. A Neutral Playsuit

A playsuit you can dress up or down will get you through a multitude of occasions. You can change your entire look with just the use of some well placed accessories. Changing a different colour belt, or chucking on some statement jewellery can create the affect of an entirely different outfit. Opt for something cool enough to wear with a pair of sandals in the day, but can be dressed up with some wedges for evening drinks!

3. Denim shorts 

Dark denim, neon, ripped, covered in stars and stripes, studded, - (or if you are like me all of the above),   - a trusty pair of denim shorts are your best friend on a summer road trip in the states. And give you a great excuse to show off your tan!

4. Summer dresses 

A summer dress is versatile and fun, easy to throw on and go. I grabbed a whole selection from Primark for £5 each! H&M and New Look are also fab for inexpensive cool dresses , meaning if you leave one in a hotel room, or get one messy you don't mind ditching it and leaving it behind.

5. Oversized Sunnies 

Sunglasses are a an essential piece of kit for any serious road tripper. As well as protecting your eyes from the glare of the sun, they are perfect to cover tired peepers, or for those no make up mornings. Even if you've just rolled out of bed and slung something on, an oversized pair of shades gives you instant cool points. Whack your hair up in a messy bun, don your favourite shades and you're ready for any photo op at any time!

I'd love to know your essential travelling items. What can you just not leave behind? Let me know your essential items of clothing below, or get in touch on my social channels!


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  1. This has got me in the mood for summer! Can't wait to wear little summer dresses again! Your pictures are gorgeous!! Keep up the good work!


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