Sunday, 5 November 2017

The Shore Club - Nova Scotia

When in Nova Scotia, you eat lobster. It's as simple as that. And the Shore Club is where you need to go. If you haven't tried it anywhere else you are in for a treat, and lobster lovers rejoice; even if you are a seasoned lobster connoisseur I guarantee you are in for a treat at the Shore Club!

The world famous Shore Club just celebrated it's 71st year and has served up over a million fresh caught Atlantic lobster suppers in that time. In my opinion it's longevity and popularity can be attributed to three main things :

1. The food - the freshest, most delicious lobster you can imagine.
2. The atmosphere - it's quirky, friendly, and a real warm welcome.
3. The family - family owned and run from day one. There is nothing these guys don't know about a lobster dinner.

So what can you expect?

Lobster is served up whole in three sizes and you get access to an all you can eat salad bar, potato salad, unlimited fresh cultivated mussels, choice of dessert and coffee or tea. I would say it's worth a trip for the potato salad and mussels alone, I guarantee you've never had fresher!

Everyone is so friendly and helpful, from the management, to the waitresses, you can even go outside and round the side of the building to see your lobster freshly coming out of the pot!

This place is so much more than a lobster supper though. If you are visiting Nova Scotia it should be top of your list of things to do, I don't believe there's a more authentic experience to be had!

That face you make when you're experiencing the best lobster of your life!

No one is left not knowing how to get absolutely everything out of the lobster. I now know every trick of the trade and it meant I really got to taste the best parts!

For dessert there is absolutely no contest it has to be the blueberry shortcake with Nova Scotia local blueberries. It's the most delicious way to end a fantastic meal!

The Shore Club delivers top-notch live dance floor entertainment that has earned its reputation as “Nova Scotia’s Last Great Dance Hall.” Featuring the best in classic and contemporary rock, blues, R&B, Reggae, Zydeco, Swing and Big Band, The Shore Club has served up one great party every summer Saturday night since 1946.

The Lobster Suppers are held every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from May 10th to October 11th (4:00 – 8:00 pm). The Lobster Suppers were started in 1936 when Guy Harnish was asked to cook up a batch of lobsters for a national Gyro Convention on Hubbards Beach.

You might be interested to know the Shore Club is no stranger to Royal visitors! Prince Charles and Diana made sure to stop at the famous location on their tour of Canada in the 80s to have a lobster supper, (although I'm not sure Diana cracked her own lobster!).

I honestly cannot rave about this place enough, from seeing the fresh lobsters come out of the pot, to being shown how to get every last bit of beautiful lobster meat out of them, to the atmosphere and meeting the family it's the first place I'd advise anyone travelling in Nova Scotia to go.

If you are planning a trip make sure you check them out. If you have any questions in advance I'm sure they'd be able to help. You can find their website here -

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