Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Big things Small town

Casey, Illinois. You will be forgiven for not recognising the name. It really is a small town. But in this quiet, town surrounded by farmland, deep in Illinois, they've got some pretty big things going on.

In fact... very big things.

Casey Illinois is home to the worlds largest :

Rocking Chair


Golf Tee

Pitch Fork

Wooden Shoes


and Crochet Hook and knitting needles

They also have a very big

and Pencil

but hey they ain't braggin'!

Most of the giant, (and might I say really damn cool), items you see about the place are the work of Jim Bolin who runs a family business in the area. He's said that small towns in America are in danger of "drying up and blowing away" if they can't catch the interest of passing drivers. And they certainly caught our interest and imagination!

We were on a road trip down from Chicago down through the state and had no idea Casey existed until we stopped to fill up the car and bumped into one of the town's very friendly residents who took us on a mini tour to see these wonders for ourselves.

Surreal is not the word.

There's something so American about this to me and I love it. Apart from looking like the perfect place to spend your childhood the town has taken an idea and made it their own and I hope they will continue smashing records and building bigger things!

Casey I salute you and will be back to visit next time I'm in the area!

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