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5 Of The Best - Fast Food Places in the US

If a true taste of America is what you are after, visiting some of the countries most popular fast food places should help satisfy your cravings!

Here are my Top 5 Fast Food Places in the US.

I hope you're not hungry...

1. In N Out Burger

Let's start with the daddy of all burger joints shall we? If you've been in an In N Out before you'll know what I'm talking about, if you haven't... lets just say it's worth the flight over just for a visit!

Yes it's just a burger place, and yes there are thousands of burger places across the US but there's something just so yummy about In N Out - tasting is believing!

If you plan on making a trip in it's worth knowing they have a whole secret menu you can order from. My recommendations are asking for your double double 'animal style' which means they use extra Thousand Island spread on the bun, extra pickles, mustard grilled patties, grilled onions. You can also ask for animal style fries which are fries topped with cheese and grilled onions.

You're totally welcome.

2. Buffalo Wild Wings

Oh man, why did I start this post, I'm getting so hungry...

Buffalo Wild Wings might just be my favourite place to eat in the US. They serve, as the name would suggest. predominantly chicken wings, and they serve them by the basket full! You can get all kinds of dry and wet seasonings, sauces and dips to make sure they taste exactly as you like.

My personal favourite is the honey glazed boneless with ranch dip but if you are heading down there give a few different flavours a go!

The place itself is a cool way to spend some time, they have ALL the sports playing all the time, and it's a really fun bar vibe with lots of different drinks and American beers. They also have a quiz you can play on your phone while you wait, you can play against your table mates or the whole bar!

Warning.. this can cause some rivalry and if you are getting a bit hangry things can get real.

3. Sonic

Sonic Drive Ins give you a little blast into vintage America. You pull into one of the parking spaces, order as if you were are a drive through and then your food is delivered by a waiter/waitress on roller skates. Pretty cool right?

I'll be honest I've not tried much from the food menu at Sonic but I have had plenty of shakes and drink combos and I can tell you there's not a lot that can beat a cool Cherry Limeade on a hot day! There are so many combinations to choose from when it comes to drinks you can mix and match flavours to your hearts content!

 If you are on a road trip and see the sign, pull over, you won't regret it!

4. IHOP / Denny's

I don't know about you but it doesn't take me long to start thinking about pancakes when we mention American food. Whether you visit the International House of Pancakes or Denny's either way you won't be disappointed.

My tip is to go for a yummy breakfast as nothing is as great as a true American breakfast of eggs over easy, crispy, streaky bacon and some pancakes and syrup to start the day, (or afternoon), off right! If you can't bare the thought of mixing sweet and savoury you can opt for fruit or ice cream on your pancakes, or choose from a whole range of different meals and toppings.

5. Taco Bell

Hell it may not be the most upmarket place to dine but a cheeky Taco Bell has to be tried at least once on an American adventure.

It's great for a pit stop on a road trip, or when exploring the streets, and super cheap. In fact it's so cheap you can try a lot of the menu at once if you want! Burritos, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, all the favourites.

What you won't get is authentic Mexican cuisine, but you will get a delicious quick bite at a pocket friendly price!

So there's my 5 of the best fast food places in the US.

Of course they aren't healthy choices - at all, and of course there are MANY, MANY places to eat when you are on holiday in the good ole U S of A, but I think these are worth at least one visit in your life time!

I'm sure there are many other places that deserve to feature but these are my top 5 must visits on your American experience! 

Let me know your favourites below! 

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